It is a short-term loan, which is designed to help people who are in need of urgent cash. You can borrow the loan amount between 100 and 1500 dollars.

Who are all qualified for a payday loans?

The borrower should be working with current employer for over 90 day.

  • He/she must be above 18 years old, must be a Citizen of US or permanent resident.
  • The borrower must provide proof of their income they must earn around 1000 dollars, excluding tax deductions.
  • They must prove valid bank checking account on their name.
  • Must provide valid home and work phone numbers.
  • Must provide working email-id.

How much I can borrow?

You can borrow the amount from 100 dollars to 1000 dollars. The money will be arrange by your lender.

How do I get my loan?

Once your lender sanction the loan, he or she will send the money directly to your checking account trough wire transfer.

If I have bad credit and can I still obtain the loan?

Yes, our network lenders do not check your credit history to offer the loan. you can still obtain the loan even with bankruptcy or bad credit or no credit.

How long it takes to sanction the loan?

It take few minutes to submit your form, and in couple of minutes our lenders will receive your inquiry form, once the formalities are over, your loan will be sanctioned and send to your account in one to two business days.

Will I need a fax machine or printer?

Yes, you may require printer to print the loan documents. And fax machine is needed in case if the lender asks you to send your pay stub or other private information immediately. if you don't have fax machine, you can as well use private services like Kinko's, Staples, Office Max and Mail Boxes etc.

What is the rate?

No cost for submission and to use The loan rates and fees will depends will be quoted by the lender. The lender will tell you exactly the loan fee and rates on their website. Although, please remember that the cash advance loans are planned with emergency requirement and the late fee will high in case of late payment.

If I have outstanding payday loan cane I still get a new one?

Yes you are eligible to get another loan even when you have outstanding loan. But you must tell your lender about the outstanding loan before getting another loan.

How and when do I payback this loan?

At due date the loan and fee will be withdrawn automatically from your checking account, so personally you don't need to go to lender to pay back the loan. For extension you can ask your lender before getting the loan. Some states do not allow extensions at all.

What happens if I delayed the repayment?

Each lender follows different policies for late payment; our network lenders also follow the same. You should read the policies before signing the e-signature to get the required loan. But, like said some states in US decide the late payment charges that the lender should charge the borrower in case of late payment.

How is my confidential information to be secured?

At we use advance security systems. We keep all your private information securely in an advanced encrypted format to assure you that your privacy is secured. You can also visit our privacy policy page to find more details.

Can I get another loan immediately?

Yes, within 2 hours you can apply for another loan. But, if you should tell your lender about the existing loan before applying for the second loan.

Can I ask for loan extension? How many can I get?

Even if you lender permits you loan extension, some states in US the state laws determines whether the lender should permit rollovers or extension. Because, in some states the laws permits to have multiple rollovers, but in some states the law does not permit this practice at all, it is totally prohibited. If you lender and state permits rollover, then make sure that you contact your lender before due date for extension. If you do not approach the lender before due date, then you must pay late fee for the remaining balance amount.

What happens if I default?

Lenders are decided to pursue collection only after the due date, till the complete legal extent, and then they start the collections. In case of borrowers default they will be charged with criminal charges and also extra fee is included if you do not pay back the loan on time.

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