This loan entails a very simple and short application process that is carried out online. The approval rate is also very high.

There are no credit checks or paperwork involved which hastens the application procedure considerably. The only catch is to repay the advance on time as delayed repayments involve heavy penalties.

If you are in a financially crippling situation, you must consider taking the wage day advance loans as a quick solution to your monetary problems. Indeed, the salaried class seems to have taken a special liking to this loan scheme.

This is because it affords them extra money between paychecks that they can conveniently use to meet car repair bills, utility bills, tuition fees etc. The best part about this advance is that it is available for a short duration and with easy repayment terms that never financially burdens the borrower. Typically, you can borrow between $80 and $1500 via this loan and will have to remit it within 30 days.

Obtaining the Wage Day Loans

Whether your wage day loan application gets approved by the lender depends on a number of factors like your repayment ability, monthly salary and other terms at which the lender offers you the loan.

When you borrow money against this loan, normally you are necessitated into repaying the same when the due date arrives. However, some lenders might provide the facility of extension so that you may get some extra time to pay back the loan, albeit by paying additional interest as a penalty for extending the loan period.

This stringent condition aside, the loan eligibility criteria are simple and few. You must be a permanent resident of the US, be above 18 years of age, be employed with a regular salary and should have a valid checking account in a reputed bank in the country.

The biggest advantage with the wage day loan is its application process. Nowadays, the entire procedure is carried out online which has effectively done away with the need for unnecessary paperwork. Even the requirement of credit checks has been negated and both these reasons together have hastened the loan application and approval processes considerably.

All that you need to do is to fill in a short application form asking for your personal, employment and bank details and if you take care to fill the form correctly and completely, rest assured that your loan request will be approved of.

Additionally, since the application process is done online in totality, it implies that you need not stand in long-winding queues to get your money. In short, the wage day loan saves you lots of efforts and time.

Once you submit the online application form and get the lender's approval, the latter will within no time transfer the loan amount directly to your bank account.

Even if you have a bad credit status owing to bankruptcy, foreclosures, delayed payments and arrears you can easily get the 90 day loans over phone. When you take money against the wage day advance your credit standing is not a matter of concern to the lender who does not discriminate between a good and bad credit score individual.

Finally, this loan does not also require collateral which means that it offers the best solution to you when you have a temporary but urgent need for quick cash.

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